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Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Everyone wants to know what age is appropriate to have a facelift – but there is no ideal age or time frame.

The best answer is when you feel you are ready. There is no specific age range because each person is unique in so many ways.  Environmental, genetic and hormonal factors influence the aging process and each individual responds differently. A facelift may be right for you when you begin to experience the effects of gravity – as the aging process takes hold of facial tissues causing your neck to loosen up, jawline to slacken and deepening of the nose-to-mouth folds.  Typically women tend to come in for consultations in their mid 40s when the face they see in the mirror every morning seems to be changing. Men tend to wait until their 50s when neck sagging starts to become a concern.

The goal of a facelift is to make you look as good as possible for your age with a natural, unoperated appearance.  It is important to understand what a facelift can and cannot achieve.  A facelift will not stop the hands of time, but it can reset the clock about 5-10 years. By recontouring the neckline, we can create a smooth jawline and restore a youthful cheek position. A short-scar lift discretely camouflages scars within your hairline at the temples, around the curvature of the ear, and in some cases within the edge of the ear.  If you have more excess skin, the incisions may need to be extended behind your ear as part of classic SMAS-facelift technique, but they will be carefully closed to produce fine scars.  In either case, you will be able to wear your hair as you normally do, even in an updo, without feeling self-conscious.

While the facelift will rejuvenate the lower third of your face and neck, but it does not address your eyes or forehead.  Eyelid surgery can be combined with a facelift. The brow area can be lifted with BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport, as well as an endoscopic browlift if necessary.

Coupling a facelift with fillers enhances and maintains the results creating a balanced youthful appearance.  Juvederm™ can be used for deeper folds and augmenting the lips, while fat may be used at the time of the facelift to plump areas that need volume restoration, such as the cheeks or hollow lower eyelids.

At your consultation, New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bryan Forley will share with you his preferences and techniques in using the new generation of non-surgical, injectable fillers to restore a more youthful appearance in the aging face.

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