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Saturday, August 30th, 2014

As our understanding of the aging changes that occur in the face has expanded, our approach towards treatment has evolved. We now believe a combination of volume loss from atrophy of facial fat and descent of fat in discrete facial fat compartments produces the stigmata of aging such as cheek hollowing, jowls, and deepening of facial folds. Our improved understanding of the anatomical basis for aging has led to treatment strategies that utilize the addition of volume to the face in order to create a more youthful appearance.

A common desire that patients express with regard to cosmetic procedures is to maintain a natural look. A fear that is often voiced regarding the use of injectable fillers to treat volume loss in the cheeks or the folds that extend from the nose to the lip and the lip to the chin is that of looking overdone. Patients will often cite examples of celebrities to emphasize the outcome that they want to avoid. The concern is one that sometimes causes those who would clearly benefit from treatment with an injectable filler to opt out thinking it is the material itself that is flawed.

The use of injectable fillers is very technique dependent in which judgment is of paramount importance to the result. It is not so much the material that is being injected but the amount used and the proper placement that determines the outcome. It is important to seek out an injector with expertise and a good aesthetic sensibility and not succumb to a misdirected “fear of fillers”. When used appropriately, FDA approved injectable fillers offer a safe, effective, and natural result to those who want to reverse the signs of aging.

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