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Monday, November 19th, 2018

A patient review of her experience with Dr. Forley and the NeckTite procedure on

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Sunday, July 29th, 2018

A common complaint of patients is that they look tired but don’t feel tired. This is often the result of bulging fat pockets in the lower lid combined with a tight attachment of the skin at the junction of the lower lid and the cheek known as the tear trough. It is frequently one of the early signs associated with the aging process. Dr. Forley approaches this concern with both a non-surgical and a surgical option. Camouflage of the bulging fat can be achieved with the use of an injectable hyaluronic filler at the tear trough to aid in blending the transition across the lid-cheek junction. Although this can improve early changes, the fundamental cause of the problem remains unaltered. An advanced surgical technique that Dr. Forley utilizes to treat this issue involves releasing the attachment of the tear trough below the eyelid from the inside so that there is no external scar. At the same time, the fat from the lower lid is repositioned to extend across the lid-cheek junction. This changes the orientation of the fat so that the bulging is reduced in conjunction with filling the depression below the lower lid. This procedure is known as a transconjunctival fat transposition lower blepharoplasty. During your consultation, Dr. Forley will discuss the options that would work best in your individual situation.


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Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Even small amounts of excessive fat in the neck can produce undesirable contour fullness as we age. When the fat is accompanied by changes in skin tone and elasticity, the reduction of fat alone may produce the unintended consequence of skin redundancy or pleating. The NeckTite procedure provides a minimally invasive option, under local anesthesia, for combining fat sculpting with skin tightening. It utilizes an applicator below the skin to administer a layer of controlled radiofrequency energy that results in gradual contraction and tightening of the skin over 6 months without surgery and without scars. The combination of fat contouring and skin tightening can produce striking changes in the appearance of the neck that can last for years.

35 year old female 6 weeks following NeckTite 1

35 year old female 6 weeks following NeckTite

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Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Dr. Forley is listed in the 2018 Super Doctors annual guide to the top 5% of New York City physicians as seen in a magazine supplement in the Sunday edition of the New York Times on May 13, 2018. This marks the 11th consecutive year that Dr. Forley has been selected as a Super Doctor. The selection process includes a survey of physicians who are asked to submit nominations of outstanding colleagues. Evaluation by the research staff, a peer review of candidates by specialty, and a good-standing and disciplinary check is then performed.



The selection process includes the following question to physicians who are surveyed: “If you needed medical care in one of the following specialties, which doctor would you choose?” Honorees are also found online at

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Monday, April 30th, 2018


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Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Facial aging procedures should be customized both to the changes that are visible and to the desires of the patient. In some cases, several options may be suitable to satisfy the goals of the patient. A detailed conversation between the plastic surgeon and the patient enabling shared decision making helps to maximize the likelihood of a satisfactory treatment outcome.

This case illustrates a treatment decision that involved shared decision making regarding the concerns of a 50 year old patient with facial aging. During the initial consultation, she stressed that the most worrisome aspect of her appearance was her sagging neck. Although aging changes of the face were of concern, her desire for a more limited procedure focusing on the neck was clear. We decided together that a neck lift would be performed and the outcome at 1 month is seen below. The patient was very pleased with the improvement and was gratified that she was able to achieve this result with neck surgery alone.



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Thursday, December 21st, 2017

The aging appearance of the eye is often a combination of a progressive descent of the brow, heaviness of the upper eyelid, and a baggy appearance of the lower eyelid. The individual contributions of each of these factors varies from patient to patient and each of them can be addressed separately or in a combined procedure.

The key factor in treating the eye area is making the correct diagnosis so that the appropriate procedures are performed. If the problem is a low-lying brow, removing upper eyelid skin can make the brow appear even lower. Conversely, trying to correct upper eyelid skin redundancy with a brow lift will result in excessive brow elevation and a surprised look.

The aging lower eyelid is often a combination of prominent fat pads and a depressed lid-cheek junction or tear trough that creates a circle under the eyelid. Removing fat in the setting of a deep tear trough leaves that problem uncorrected or may even make it appear worse.

This patient example demonstrates a patient with a low-lying brow that creates a heavy appearance at the junction of the brow and the upper eyelid. The lower eyelid has a moderate amount of fat excess and depression of the lid-cheek junction that creates a tired appearance.


Treatment of the aging eye with an endoscopic brow lift and a fat transposition lower blepharoplasty

The patient underwent an endoscopic brow lift and a fat transposition blepharoplasty of the lower eyelid. The brow lift was performed using specialized instrumentation introduced through small incisions within the scalp and enabled a correction of the heavy appearance of the upper eyelid, in this case, without any skin excision. The lower eyelid was improved by releasing the tear trough ligament and draping the excess lower eyelid fat across the lid-cheek junction to fill the depression. This procedure is distinct from more traditional fat removal procedures of the lower eyelid. The combination of surgical procedures resulted in a more youthful and rested appearance that appears natural.




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Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Men often complain about the appearance of their neck as they get older. The contour changes that occur in the neck are frequently the result of a combination of skin laxity and excess fat deposition. In some cases, prominent muscle bands at the midline of the neck contribute to the loss of definition. Traditionally, a surgical solution has been the approach deemed most effective to treat the aging face and neck. Although surgery remains the “gold standard”, FaceTite provides a minimally invasive alternative to surgery to tighten and contour the face and neck without scars. It utilizes radio frequency energy that is delivered below the skin with a thin needle-like applicator in combination with targeted liposuction to produce a more youthful contour. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, noticeable swelling usually resolves within 3-5 days, and there is minimal discomfort. Results may be evident as early as 4 weeks but continue to evolve over 6-12 months and can last for years. During your consultation, Dr. Forley will examine you to determine if you are a good candidate for FaceTite.


44 year old male 4 months following FaceTite

44 year old male 4 months following FaceTite

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Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

The nipple can become enlarged and droopy following pregnancy and breast feeding. It may remain in that condition despite a gradual decrease in the size of the breast after nursing is completed.  A nipple reduction can both reduce the size of the nipple and make it appear more uplifted. This is especially important to consider when deciding on breast augmentation so that the appearance of the breast will be enhanced by a more proportionate nipple dimension.

Breast Augmentation and Nipple Reduction

Breast Augmentation and Nipple Reduction

Breast 2

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Sunday, August 20th, 2017

The Ellipse Nordlys is a state of the art device with multiple light and laser based treatment options for effectively managing various conditions. Superficial veins around the eye and temporal region are a frequent complaint that can be very visible and difficult to conceal due to the thin skin in this region. Treatment with the Nordlys Nd:YAG laser can reduce or eliminate the veins by using a specific wavelength of light to deliver energy that is absorbed by the red blood cells contained within these vessels. The energy is converted to heat which is transmitted to the inside surface of the vein. This results in eventual collapse and sealing of the veins so no further blood flow occurs. The lack of blood flow is what makes the veins gradually disappear. There are plenty of deeper veins in this area so eliminating the superficial ones that are visible is not a problem. There is minimal discomfort and the treatment only takes a few minutes. Frequently one treatment is sufficient but additional treatments may be indicated depending on the response of the veins.

38 year old female 8 months after Nd:YAG laser treatment of veins

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